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Fire protection

Tunnel ventilation dampers are designed for use in enclosed road or metro tunnels where ventilation fans are needed to supplement natural ventilation.

The fans and dampers control temperature and pollution levels and they also play a vital role in controlling the direction of airflow and smoke should there be a fire.

Emergency ventilation allows rapid removal of smoke and heat so that the tunnel can be evacuated and fire fighters can gain access as quickly as possible. 

The ventilation dampers are fitted with pneumatic or electric actuators that must be able to operate at elevated temperatures for a given time. They have a safety feature that allows them to assume a pre-defined fail-safe position should the power fail. The dampers and their actuation devices are tested to appropriate standards.

K Controls manufactures the 007HT switchbox to monitor the position of such dampers from a remote control room. They are usually directly mounted to a damper shaft and not to the actuator. The 007HT has passed a formal fire test at 300 degrees C for 1 hour and is also suitable for 200 degrees C for more than 2 hours. A client has also successfully fire tested the product at 400 degrees C for 15 minutes in order to meet a specific requirement. The product is field proven and has been tested successfully beyond 1 million operations. 

A reference list of K Controls fire protection industry clients is available on request.


007HT High Temperature Switchbox