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IECEx Certificates

IECEx certified products are marked with the following information.

  • Product family name i.e. 007 Position Monitor

  • 'Model' number

  • 'IECEx Certificate' number

  • Certificate 'Type' number

  • Serial number

  • Year of manufacture

  • Certification class - e.g. Ex ia IIC, Ex d IIC,  Ex d IIB + H2.  II 2 GD

  • Ambient temperature range

  • Electrical ratings Umax, Imax, Wmax.

  • Notified Body number 1180 (Baseefa Ltd)

The IECEx certificate for a family of products lists the safety parameters for each product 'Type',e.g.

  • Intrinsically safe products certified Ex ia IIC - Type SP020D-IEC
  • Flameproof Ex d products certified Exd IIC - Type C6.1, C4.3 ....
  • Flameproof Ex d products certified Exd IIB + H2 - Type B6.1, B4.3 ....

The product 'Type' defines the variants of switch, sensor, potentiometer, interface circuit and pilot solenoid which combine to satisfy the certification class and safety parameters detailed on the label and on the certificate.

The 'Model' number noted on the product label defines precisely the options available, not all of which affect certification. These include cable entry type and size, drive format, number and type of switches, sensors etc, material of construction and finish as well as certificate type. Products should be ordered by 'Model' number and not 'Type' number.

NOTE: The 'Model' number is referred to on the product label as shown adjacent.

Typical IECEx Ex d flameproof product certification label
Typical IECEx Ex ia Intrinsically Safe product certification label
IECEx Certified Intrinsically Safe and Flameproof products

 IECEx BAS 10.0088   (007 IS IIC Switchbox)

 IECEx BAS 06.0054   (007-120  Ex d IIC Position Monitor)

 IECEx BAS 07.0051  (007 Ex d IIB+H2 Control Monitor)

 IECEx BAS 11.0004  (007-100 Ex d IIC Position Monitor)

 IECEx BAS 12.0068   (007-100/120 IS IIC Position Monitor)