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In the nuclear industry K Controls products are predominately used to accurately monitor or control the position of on/off valves.

Sectors of the industry where the products are used include the chemical processing of uranium to provide fuel for power stations and spent fuel reprocessing.

007 Switchboxes have a long history of reliability, proven performance, and a reputation for exceptional quality in this industry.

If valves are to be located outdoors and in coastal locations enclosures are supplied in stainless steel with an IP67 rating.

Clear visual indication of valve position from a distance is often important and this is achieved using the Klearvision indicator.

When switch redundancy is requested this is satisfied by supplying 4 , 6 or 8 switches on a single valve actuator . The use of different switch types and or switches from different manufacturers reduces the probability of a common failure caused by a faulty batch. Where more than 4 switches are required K Controls can supply tandem or triple mounted 007 switchboxes.

Non interchangeable electrical connectors are occasionally requested with the

sockets clearly marked with Traffolyte labels.

A reference list of K Controls nuclear industry clients is available on request.